In Shan State B

Nighttime note taking with headlamp and mosquito net, Borneo

Welcome to News Bites, a new feature of the Rambling Spoon blog. This is where you’ll find regular updates, blurbs and links to news and noteworthy tidbits about food. I created this page for all of us. It’s a resource to me as well as you. For years, I’ve been compiling files and lists of daily food news, some of which is stored in handy and retrievable places. But a lot of it gets lost along the way. I was searching for a better way to organize when I realized: I could just put it out there for everyone to see and read and consume. Why not? This site is easily searchable, and it’s an automatic archive. So, stop by often and see what’s new. Stay tuned for additional features. And check out the rest of the blog at ramblingspoon.com.