This is cotton, grown in the Arizona desert

This week, ProPublica unveiled its 5-part series on “the truth behind the water crisis in the West,” beginning with this story on Arizona cotton. Every year, Arizona farmers plant 100,000 acres or more of cotton in the desert. And every year, the federal government hands out millions of dollars to support those farmers and those […]


FAO Food Insecurity report: hunger falls to under 800 million

This week, the Food and Agriculture Organization released its report, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015. Good news is: the number of hungry people worldwide has dropped to roughly 795 million. But statistics are complicated, and hunger remains a critical problem in regions of protracted political and environmental crises. Some regions fare […]

What the garment industry can learn from food movements

“We care what we eat. We care what goes into our bodies, but we don’t care that much what goes on our bodies.” Jill Tucker, former chief technical adviser to the International Labour Organization’s Better Factories Cambodia program, said that to me in a recent interview. Her words stuck. She talked about modern food movements, […]

In Rwanda, fighting malnutrition with gardens

How to combat malnutrition? Teach patients to garden and cook. This is what Rwanda’s Rwinkwavu District Hospital is doing (with support from Partners in Health). Dr. Fulgence Nkikabahizi, the hospital’s medical director, explains that many patients have access to nutritious food, but they have never been taught to balance the nutrients in the meals they […]

Squalor: home of Florida’s migrant farmworkers -Watchdog Sarasota

Many of our country’s migrant farmworkers (some on temporary agricultural visas) live in appalling conditions that mirror those we’ve seen across the developing world. These workers pick our oranges, grapefruits and tomatoes. They go home at night to camps and trailers with backed-up sewage, leaky stoves, pests and mold. Watchdog Sarasota investigates the situation in […]

Q&A w/ Alec Lobrano in The Gannet

This is just a delightful read for anyone who loves food, Paris or great writing about either: a Q&A with the food writer Alec Lobrano in the new online magazine, The Gannet. I’m eager to see where they take this publication.