Urban farming grows among Cambodians w/money -The Cambodia Daily

Most Cambodian farmers live in the countryside and struggle to make ends meet. But in cities, The Cambodia Daily reports, more Cambodians who can afford the equipment are experimenting with hydroponics and other forms of rooftop gardening. We’ve seen this at restaurants that are starting to grow their own greens. More here.


On the proper pronunciation of pho

This Huffington Post article is absolutely right—there is no doubt that “pho,” the popular Vietnamese noodle soup, should be pronounced, essentially, “fuh” (for lack of more precise descriptors in the English alphabet). But what the article misses is a simple way to prove that pronunciation: the tones. When written in Vietnamese, the o has a […]

This is dry: California desert, 2014

Last week, we traveled from one desert through and to another: from high New Mexico to dry California. We combined a family visit with (for me) the annual JAWS conference (highly recommended, for all you female journalists!). The journey took us to San Diego and across to Palm Springs/La Quinta. We’ve all heard about the […]