FAO Food Insecurity report: hunger falls to under 800 million

This week, the Food and Agriculture Organization released its report, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015. Good news is: the number of hungry people worldwide has dropped to roughly 795 million. But statistics are complicated, and hunger remains a critical problem in regions of protracted political and environmental crises. Some regions fare […]


The future of chocolate? Farmers are key

This is what chocolate looks like before it’s ground and made into bars. This is cacao, dried and cracked open to reveal the dark richness inside. We saw these particular beans at a Maya farmer’s home in Belize, just before the holidays. There, we witnessed the enormous labor involved in growing, harvesting and preparing cacao. […]

Urban farming grows among Cambodians w/money -The Cambodia Daily

Most Cambodian farmers live in the countryside and struggle to make ends meet. But in cities, The Cambodia Daily reports, more Cambodians who can afford the equipment are experimenting with hydroponics and other forms of rooftop gardening. We’ve seen this at restaurants that are starting to grow their own greens. More here.