In Rwanda, fighting malnutrition with gardens

How to combat malnutrition? Teach patients to garden and cook. This is what Rwanda’s Rwinkwavu District Hospital is doing (with support from Partners in Health). Dr. Fulgence Nkikabahizi, the hospital’s medical director, explains that many patients have access to nutritious food, but they have never been taught to balance the nutrients in the meals they […]


Typhoid, then and now

I love think pieces. As it happens, pure coincidence, last week I chose to listen to a Radiolab episode on the origins of disease just as I was taking an oral typhoid vaccination booster—a week-long, 4-pill regimen. The episode, Patient Zero (updated segment) starts with the fascinating story of Typhoid Mary, a carrier of this […]

Human rights abuses in New Mexico’s dairies – In These Times

In this must-read investigation, Joseph Sorrentino documents the dangerous conditions that workers—often undocumented—face in New Mexico’s Big Dairy industry. We often hear of undercover investigations that show animal abuse in large-scale operations; not often enough do we see stories on the workers, who risk life and limb for minimal pay, no breaks, no overtime and […]

Just released: the 2014 Good Food Org Guide

The James Beard Foundation and Food Tank announce their new guide to more than 400 nonprofit, educational and municipal organizations working to improve agriculture, health, nutrition and food justice. Need a source? Hundreds here, at your plate.

Temple Grandin discusses the future of livestock – FutureFood 2050

Animal scientist Temple Grandin (known for her work on autism and animal welfare) talks with reporter Jennifer Weeks about the problems in how we breed livestock. She says our aim for maximum productivity rather than optimal productivity leads to “biological system overload” in which health problems are bred into animals that eventually fall apart. Read […]

The dangers of BPA-coated receipts – Time

Did you just sanitize your hands? Careful what you touch! Many store receipts are coated in BPA, an endocrine disruptor linked to adverse health effects. As Elizabeth Grossman reports for Time, chemicals used in hand sanitizers, soaps and lotions can contribute to quicker absorption of BPA when combined with grease from, say, French fries. More […]